Sunday Round-up 28/12/14

The Race-IQ ‘Blackout’ With that said, Andrew’s ahistorical approach to race and intelligence has always amazed. The contention, for instance, that “research is not about helping people; it’s about finding out stuff,” may well be true in some limited sense. But it’s never been true, in any sense, of race and intelligence.

The Bell Curve Through the Veil I remember when Andrew published The Bell Curve excerpt in The New Republic. I was an undergraduate at Howard University — same city, but a different world. All of the young intellectuals who’d gather under the flag-pole on the yard were hot and angry. But a professor on campus (and I wish I could remember who) handed out xeroxed copies of the excerpt and its responses and simply told us, “Arm yourselves.” Don’t get angry he told us. Get informed.

Some Final Thoughts If you’re going to charge forth with the freighted claim that black people are intellectual inferiors, you should not do so claiming a lack of “profound knowledge of the deep research.”

Final Thoughts, Cont. Where I am from, people deeply believe that John Coltrane expressed intelligence every time he blessed the mic. To be reductive, they saw his playing as pattern recognition, an expressive act of analogizing; algebra proofs performed. Perhaps that’s wrong. I really have no idea. I’m not up on neurology. The point I am making is that this debate has never much felt like it was really about the world I lived in.


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