A Portrait of Crystal Palace

Short after compiling my map, The Watery Part(s) of London, I ventured out to Crystal Palace Park to start filming.

Mr. Transport lives in Crystal Palace, so I am familiar with its small cafes, superlative bookshops, and excellent furniture shops, but I am, from shame, not at all familiar with the park, despite having lived in its semi-immedeate environs on and off for about 10 years.

I invariably left my notebook in my backpack, which I had handed to The Photographer so that I would be marginally less wobbly than I usually am, and she’d wandered off with it to photograph the ghost land of the sports arena that neither of us knew existed, leaving me without any recourse against my terrible memory. But:

1) Sheltered from the bite of the cold by a covering of trees, a little grebe bobbing over the small creases of the water in the pond set above the rowing lake.

2) the dinosaurs, thankfully encumbered by a tightly knitted thicket of heather.

3) a horrible, deafening raucous overhead, Hitchcock-esque squawk that you can hear in the middle section of the video.

4) tiny, pink flowers in the small rock clefts.

5) the thick, curved spread of green beyond the lake, like a comforting mossy lap.

Anyway, here is the film, which is a mediation of/meditation on time & place, and which I will write about properly here soon.

Please bear in mind that these images are only edited insofar as they have a title and have been sandwiched together, otherwise I’ve done nothing yet.


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