Twitter Mixtape: Women Filmmakers & Landscape

Sometimes I get stuck. Working on interrelated, (insofar as everything is is interrelated), but somehow disparate things during my degree, I often wind up spreading myself thin, like Marmite over the toast of documentary film, inhabitations, cohabitations, feminisms, trauma, material cultures, waste and so very much critical theory. In these moments, I often turn to twitter as an opening up or, to use academic-speak  ‘as a way into’ a topic, as a reminder of all the things you miss while attempting to write all of the things all of the time.

This week, after compiling a short list of women filmmakers for whom landscape as their primary subject matter, I turned to twitter to find what I was missing, and twitter did not disappoint. But because I do this so regularly, and because I am usually in the bath at the time of asking, I rarely have any means of compiling this information before my helpful friends are relegated to the grubby underworld of the ‘More Tweets’ button. So here is my first instalment of Shit Twitter Helped Me Do  Twitter Mixtape, a compilation of all my helpful friend’s suggestions.

Women Filmmakers and Nature

My List 

Eija-Liisa Ahtila

Smudge Studio

Deborah Stratman

Martha Stephens


Anonymous: i know u know this but maybe tacita dean? might be wrong tho


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