pocket-sized projects launches


have you ever tried to write a book in a month and ‘failed’? to go running everyday for a year and given up before reaching your front door? have you ever tried writing a blog post in the style of a 1950s adman? Then try pocket sized projects today!

pocket-sized projects is a tiny corner of the internet for your distracted doodles, seasonal playlists, and phone photography and it launches tomorrow at 7am. new projects are posted every sunday evening in the projects tab, each lasts a week and ranges from photography, to drawing, and writing.

some of you may remember that on the 19th of may, i wrote an unfocused, rambling blog post in a haze of jet lag and frustration. towards the end of the month i watched a youtuber whose music i like attempt to create a video every day in may and ‘fail.’ and, after they had, they were self-abasing and apologetic to their followers and so very sad. and i wanted to reach out to them somehow, i wanted to do something about this sad person across the ocean, and other sad people like them, who have found a community online that they couldn’t have found in their immediate environment or circumstance, but who are also ostracised from that very community because of lack of time or resources or wellbeing.

and so pocket-sized projects was born out of wanting to create a project space we could all contribute to. something that, like NaNoWriMo, brought far-away people together, but instead of in mutual despair, in mutual joy. this isn’t to say that setting big goals is always unrealistic, or that being unrealistic is always necessarily bad, or that endeavours like this aren’t sometimes worthwhile, but that people want and need small spaces for creativity that they can squeeze around their busy days.


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