Who am I?


I’m a queer, androgynous, Visual Cultures student. When I’m not spending time frequenting art galleries, the cinema, dead people’s houses and other things that classify as either ‘Visual’ or ‘Culture’ I can be found on trains, reading about cetaceans, and surreptitiously squeezing the gay agenda into the culture section of The Leopard Newspaper. I also write advice for parents of LGBTQ+ Youth for The Parents Project. You can follow me on twitter: @Little__Time

What is this?

The idea for this blog started as a fruitless search for home. Having spent my childhood romping around the Dickensian South East Coast, my holidays at my Dad’s on the North coast of France — Kent’s corresponding puzzle piece — and my Sunday’s kneeling on the old hassocks of the norman church, Oklahoma was a shock. Paris, too, when I moved there, and New York after that, and London after that.

But for various reasons — primarily my degree, paradoxically my greatest source of pride and greatest source of anxiety — this blog is now part personal narrative, part book reviews, mostly filmmaking, and all mess.

And hey, take me to your favourite watery worlds.


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