Going off the Rails: Two Book Reviews

Part One of Two: Italian Ways, On and Off the Rails from Milan to Palermo and Stranger on a Train, Daydreaming and Smoking Around America.


My mind is a bad musician that cannot keep time. What next? It asks, what is there for you after this? who will you be, later? where will you move to next? I have what some people call ‘a curious mind’ and what people who know me call ‘incredibly annoying.’ Hand me a book and I will reel off four others that I need to truly burrow into the core. In class I struggle to harmonise my physical self and my mental self because it is hard to harmonise a formica tablet chair and the future. In fact, this blog is itself is a distraction from the important work of selfhood; this my biggest project from which I am perpetually procrastinating. I wasn’t always this way. This is the work depression did — this is what is leaves in its wake when it loosens the reigns a while — to save me from finding a mirror in the silence. Continue reading